Saturday, December 29, 2012

SNAP! Custom Clothing in Seattle Are LIARS Do NOT Do Business with Them

The other night I picked up a copy of a great little community newspaper published by Pacific Publishing called City Living Seattle.  There were some really good articles and an ad for a t-shirt printing company called SNAP Custom Clothing.

SNAP! Custom Clothing'w website says "We Beat ANY Competitor's Price", but they had no prices on their site for printed shirts that I needed - so I sent an inquiry.  "Ibad S." responded today giving me a quote that is way too high for two shirts.  The first competitor site I went to offered a much better price, free shipping and no tax - but I prefer to do business locally when reasonable, so I gave him a chance to MATCH the price.  He wouldn't.

I really, really, detest liars - especially website that lie - it's too bad that Seattle's SNAP! Custom Clothing posts a BIG lie on their front page.  I do not recommend that ANYONE do business with SNAP! Custom clothing in Seattle - they give Seattle (and all businesses a bad name).

Shame on SNAP! Custom Clothing!  Call them at (206) 682-0686 to let them know what you think - or if you like to do business with liars ...

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