Saturday, July 4, 2015

Declaring My Independence from HostGator, Their Crappy Servers and Worst Customer Service

Done with Hostgator Forever!

YooHoo!  Happy 4th of July!  Independence Day here in the good ole USA!

I am especially happy today because I have declared my independence from HostGator!  HostGator is one of the worst website hosting companies I have ever come in contact with - right up there with - and Sucks!

If you need a webhosting company - stay away from Hostgator.  They are terrible and have cost me hundreds of wasted hours and thousands of dollars.  You have been warned.

Hostgator is not a good webhosting company.  They screwed me and they will screw you too.  And not in a good way.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lowes in Bellevue Won't Even Answer Their Phone

Before 6pm on a Saturday and Lowes in Bellevue, Washington won't even answer their phone.  I tried three times.  Can never get any help when in the store either ...

They definitely won't be getting a free listing on the Eastside Business Directory ... and I won't be shopping there again.  I'll drive the extra 2 miles to Home Depot.

BTW - it appears that there are A LOT of people who think that Lowes Sucks!

It Was A Great Afternoon at the Beach Until ...

Yesterday my Fiance and I rode our bikes down the street into Kirkland to go to the beach at Lake Washington.  It's a relatively short ride, but in the 80s and once we got there, we were sweating enough to jump in the lake right away.

The water was great - very refreshing.  I had heard the lake was over 70 degrees, but it seemed somewhat cooler than that.  When we got out of the water, we went and laid out our beach towels on the grass to relax.

Almost immediately, I realized I had picked a bad spot - and the reason it was still empty:  a couple of uncontrolled kids running around and causing havoc.  I dealt with it by putting on my headphones and listening to music.  No problem - although I could not talk to Stacia with headphones on.

Cigarette Smokers Can Be Very Inconsiderate

We were both enjoying the day and relaxing by the lake and then it happened.  A couple of older heavy women showed up with a kid who was obviously obese.  That was not the problem - everyone should be able to enjoy the beach - except those who hinder other people's ability to enjoy the beach.  The woman who appeared to be older (she looked 65-70, but could have been 50s and just looked older) was smoking a cigarette right in the middle of a crowded beach - and right in her kid/grandkid's face.

I'm allergic to cigarette smoke and it really bothers me (even though neither of my parents seemed to care one bit while I was growing up).  I smelled it right away and it really set me off.  Then I saw the lady put the cigarette out in the same - and left the butt right on the beach.  I was livid and very close to telling the lady off and pushing her in the water.

In the end, I thought better about it - and went for another swim to cool down instead.

What gives people the idea that it is ok to smoke in public?  Why do some smokers think they can smoke anywhere they want - and even worse, leave the butts everywhere like the world is their ashtray?  If you are a smoker, I'd especially like to hear from you ....

BTW - The City of Kirkland needs to do some serious maintenance on their dock at that beach (I don't know the name of it, but I believe it is the closest beach just south of downtown.  The ladder is about to come off (it will probably happen at the worst possible moment), there are wooden planks that are loose - and lots of nails sticking up just waiting to grab people by the toes.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bad Landlord Alert: 9330 SE 47th Street, Mercer Island, WA BEWARE of RIP OFF Scheme

Cheryl Marshall, 9330 SE 47th St, Mercer Island, WA  98040 stole my deposit.
Cheryl Marshall, wife of Mark Mills who apparently works as an engineer at Boeing, has been illegally renting rooms in their house on Mercer Island Washington, which is against zoning code.  The address of this boarding house is 9330 SE 47th Street, Mercer Island, WA  98040.  

She has illegally taken and kept a $600 cash deposit from me on a room - and then I said that I forfeited it less than two days later because she did not approve my application - and in fact never bothered to respond to my emails until I threatened legal action.

She has refused to refund my deposit, but is no longer advertising the room for rent.  Perhaps she rented it to someone else? Or maybe she is scared that the City will be researching her illegal activity?  I'm sure that I am not the first person she has stolen a deposit from, but I am hoping to be the last, as I am tirelessly working to warn everyone who cares to look up their address.

Besides pending legal action, the City of Mercer Island needs to take action against Ms. Marshall, to protect the integrity of their single family neighborhoods.  She apparently is renting out 4 different rooms to individuals, causing more traffic and noise in the otherwise quiet neighborhood.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Webhosting Review: HostGator is Not All They Are Supposed to Be

Many web entrepreneurs push HostGator as THE web hosting company to use, but in my experience they are not all they are supposed to be.  Their customer service has gotten progressively worse, I have never ever received an affiliate payment (despite having at least two of my clients sign up) - and the worst part is that they've been charging me for an upgraded hosting plan I did not order - and never used.

Instead of charging me for the $7.96 a month "Baby" plan, they have been charging me $14.95 a month for their "Business" plan (which only costs $11.96 a month).  I've never used any of the features of the business plan, but they still insist on charging me for services I've never ordered and never used.  It should be noted that they've been charging an extra $3 a month on top of their current rates as well.

When I pointed this out to their 'customer service' via an online chat, I was told that I would have to fill out a form and pay something like $25 to downgrade.  After I filled out the form and sent it in, the representative wrote back and said that I already had the "Baby" plan and asked if there was any way she could help me.  I replied "Yes, please tell me why I've been getting billed for a "Business" plan for over a year, when I never ordered it or used the services".  Then I heard back from someone named 'Michael D' who just wanted to argue and be right - guess he never heard that the customer is always right ...

"Michael D." wanted me to prove that I did not order the business plan - but how in the heck is someone supposed to be able to do that?  That was 3 computers ago and emails were long deleted.  He already has proof that the services were not used - and HostGator themselves had already told me I didn't need to downgrade, because I already had their "Baby" plan.  All very confusing, but it is plain to see that "Michael D." is going to insist on being 'right' and keep all the money they stole from me.

Over the past year, I have recommended HostGator to many friends and clients, have advertised for them on many websites, but I can no longer recommend HostGator - it is obvious that they do not value their customers at all.  HostGator (especially 'Michael D' in the 'Customer Service Department) insists on ripping off their best customers - and that is not a good way to grow a webhosting company.