Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Scammer at (512) 827-0015 Offering 'Automated Voice Calling' - Must Be Stopped

I got a message on my cell phone this morning when I was at the gym, from a guy named 'Mike' at (512) 827-0015 saying he wanted to talk to me about Solavei.

I called him back and got stuck on a 10 minute voice message about a 'lead generating system'.  Turns out Mike is selling a software package for $297 that will automatically call up to 10,000 phone numbers an hour and get you unlimited leads.  Apparently the software 'scrapes' phone numbers from search engines, Craigslist and a bunch of other places.  Once someone buys the software, they are then able to resell it.

This is TERRIBLE for EVERY legitimate business person and must be stopped.  It's already risky enough to answer your phone with all the other scams out there - but this gives real internet marketers a bad name - and cannot generate very strong leads - at least not leads from people I want to be in business with.

If you have any suggestions on how to get rid of this crap, I would appreciate hearing about it.

If you want to help.  Call 'Mike' at (512) 827-0015 - don't waste your time listening to the message, but hit the star button and leave him a message letting him know what YOU think.  I certainly did.

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