Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Sales is NOT a Sale at Rite Aid - Calling for Boycott

Last night I went to the Rite Aid in downtown Bellevue.  I had been sick with the flu all day and wanted to buy some Nyquil so I could sleep all nite.

There was a sale tag on the Rite Aid version of the product, so I picked that up and went to buy it.  After being rung up I did not see a discount so went back to look at the sale sticker.

Although it did show the regular price and sales price in big print, but the fine print said "Save 10% with 250 points on your wellness card".  Basically you'd only get the sale price if you had spent $250 on your Rite Aid card.  I went back got a refund on the product and went to Safeway where the regular price for the same type of item was much less anyway.

Boycott RiteAid.  They try to rip off their customers.

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  1. Rite Aid has terrible business practices. They tried to pull a fast one and lost a customer for life.