Saturday, June 27, 2015

It Was A Great Afternoon at the Beach Until ...

Yesterday my Fiance and I rode our bikes down the street into Kirkland to go to the beach at Lake Washington.  It's a relatively short ride, but in the 80s and once we got there, we were sweating enough to jump in the lake right away.

The water was great - very refreshing.  I had heard the lake was over 70 degrees, but it seemed somewhat cooler than that.  When we got out of the water, we went and laid out our beach towels on the grass to relax.

Almost immediately, I realized I had picked a bad spot - and the reason it was still empty:  a couple of uncontrolled kids running around and causing havoc.  I dealt with it by putting on my headphones and listening to music.  No problem - although I could not talk to Stacia with headphones on.

Cigarette Smokers Can Be Very Inconsiderate

We were both enjoying the day and relaxing by the lake and then it happened.  A couple of older heavy women showed up with a kid who was obviously obese.  That was not the problem - everyone should be able to enjoy the beach - except those who hinder other people's ability to enjoy the beach.  The woman who appeared to be older (she looked 65-70, but could have been 50s and just looked older) was smoking a cigarette right in the middle of a crowded beach - and right in her kid/grandkid's face.

I'm allergic to cigarette smoke and it really bothers me (even though neither of my parents seemed to care one bit while I was growing up).  I smelled it right away and it really set me off.  Then I saw the lady put the cigarette out in the same - and left the butt right on the beach.  I was livid and very close to telling the lady off and pushing her in the water.

In the end, I thought better about it - and went for another swim to cool down instead.

What gives people the idea that it is ok to smoke in public?  Why do some smokers think they can smoke anywhere they want - and even worse, leave the butts everywhere like the world is their ashtray?  If you are a smoker, I'd especially like to hear from you ....

BTW - The City of Kirkland needs to do some serious maintenance on their dock at that beach (I don't know the name of it, but I believe it is the closest beach just south of downtown.  The ladder is about to come off (it will probably happen at the worst possible moment), there are wooden planks that are loose - and lots of nails sticking up just waiting to grab people by the toes.

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